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About us..

Thanks for stopping by! Soul Fusion café and restaurant is a family business and was founded in 2022, but the journey here has been many (many) years in the making.

I’m Michelle, let me introduce you to what we’re doing here. Cooking has always been a big part of family life, on both sides of my family. For me, it all started “back home” in Zimbabwe when I sat on the "stoop" with my granny Maud, mixing butter and sugar for cakes, or when I came home to the smell of sadza and stew in my granny Marion’s house, it grew when I studied food & nutrition at high school which awakened an interest in taking up cooking as a career. I even wanted to take it up at an institute in Bournemouth when school finished. Just as I’ve been cooking since pre-teens, I’ve also owned and run a small health food delivery business (in UK), and taken commercial chef training, and worked for a local health food café.

A lot has happened over the years, and its been quite the journey. Friends know that I call it my “outrageous life”, and this is no exception. For part of that journey I lived in the UK before moving to Australia and jumping onto what I can only describe as a rollercoaster. I’ll tell you all about it if I ever write a book…

You may already know that Zimbabwean food has been influenced by travelers of the past, including those from India, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Greece and many more. Which means that as well as enjoying traditional African cuisine, we also enjoy the tastes of the world in our everyday food. As such, Soul Fusion will be serving a variety of dishes that I have mastered and enjoyed over the years, from many worldwide cuisines as is my culture. Food overall, to me, is a comforting experience, a taste of home, a feeling of love… family. And at Soul Fusion, we intend to extend that to you.

I would never be able to pull it off on my own and I am grateful for the inspiration from the Almighty along with all the resounding “Yes’s!” He sent whenever I thought the answer was no. Thankful for the love and support of my friends and the tireless help of my family, its a family business after all.

Expect to meet one at least of three generations of this family should you visit us to enjoy the food that has been prepared with love

See you soon!

How it works..

Every Friday we will send a menu out for what is on the menu the following week. These meals will be selected by Michelle and the team and include a mixture of staple favourites as well as weekly specials designed to be enjoyed at home with family and friends. Orders need to be placed by Sunday night for delivery on Wednesday. Pickups will be available soon.

Soul Fusion Café 0434701792 [email protected] Merriwa, WA 6030
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