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Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions and their answers to help understand our offering.

How do I order?
You’ll need an account to place orders. To create an account, select the 'Sign up/Login' button located at the top of our page and enter a few simple details for us. These are owned by us, nobody else and are secure. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll receive our new menu via email from us each week. You can unsubscribe at any time.
When do I order?
Our menu is open for orders from 8am Friday to 10pm Monday each week. Having the order closing time each week gives us time to source the highest-quality ingredients for your meals, then prepare and cook each item from scratch without any waste.
When do I receive my order?

You can either select delivery, or come and pick it up from our venue and have a chat to the wonderful women running the show. Pickups are available Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons and deliveries are Wednesdays.

Is there a minimum order?
You can order as much or as little as you like. However if you wish to receive your order via delivery, then a minimum order value of $50 applies, with free delivery over $150
How are the meals packaged?
Each meal comes in compostable packaging with food labels that identify all ingredients and any allergens, and meal, preparation, storage and heating instructions.
What is your approach to waste?
We love the earth and we feel grateful we can turn its gifts into delicious meals! We use home compostable packaging wherever possible. Any aluminium foil trays and sheets you may receive are really valuable to recycling companies so please give the trays/sheets a rinse and place them in your recycling bin. In the kitchen we strive to be as eco-friendly as possible – we use recycled foil when we need to for cooking with, recycled baking paper and non-plastic food wrap. We also compost any produce off-cuts we have, and we reuse or recycle any packaging our ingredients are delivered in.
I am an NDIS participant. Can I order?
Yes you sure can. Here’s how it works….

1. Create an account.
2. Go into your My Account section.
2. Add in your NDIS number.
3. Enter your password & save changes.

You will then receive an NDIS compliant invoice with your NDIS number & a 30% food cost / 70% preparation for you to claim the 70% back
Can I gift some meals to others?
Yes you can. You select "this is a gift" at checkout and identify which delivery address you would like it to be sent to. A gift receipt will accompany the order (without the prices) and any message that you would like to add. Just make sure that the recipient of your gift is in our delivery zone.
Can I buy a friend a Voucher to spend with you?
Yes you can. Vouchers are available for $50, $100, $200 or customisable amounts. When you purchase a voucher, it will be sent to you via email for downloading and sharing. Make sure the recipient of your voucher is in our delivery zone.
When do you start?
We're on line now! Stay connected by sharing your email address with us. We will only use it for sending you our menus. Then every week we will send you a menu!
Moroccan Soup Bar 0403 315 559 [email protected] North Melbourne, VIC 3051
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