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0403 315 559 [email protected] North Melbourne, VIC 3051
About us

The Moroccan Soup Bar is embarking on a new era! After 24 years, we closed our restaurant and are now offering a weekly curated menu, available via delivery and pickup.

Signing up with your email address means that you'll receive our weekly menu helping you with dinner and keeping our community of women employed.

Keep in touch via our socials as well where you can access our other offerings such as catering, on-demand meal delivery, and Conversation Salons.

Who we are

The Moroccan Soup Bar is founded on the concept of open hospitality, and a mindfulness of our tread.  In all we do, our ethos and values are at the heart of our activities.

Whether you are a one-time eater or repeat customer, you will feel all your senses stimulated, and your hunger satisfied.

Through every interaction we share experiences and connections in an open, responsible and communal way.

Our business is vegetarian: we showcase that no-meat cuisine can enhance the flavours of cooking rather than compromise them. The overwhelming acceptance of our concept has been humbling and has fuelled our desire to give back to the community tenfold.

Each day brings with it a new perspective on life, love, health, grief, friendship and kinship.

How it works
We email you a menu every Friday. You click through to order. When the menu closes for orders a few days later, we cook the food especially for you and it will be ready for pickup from the following Tuesday and Wednesday, with deliveries on Wednesdays. If you've chosen delivery, we bring the meal to your door, ready to heat and eat. If you've chosen pick-up, we look forward to seeing you at our premises!

Moroccan Soup Bar 0403 315 559 [email protected] North Melbourne, VIC 3051
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