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Our vision

GingerSnap is a patisserie celebrating the limitless potential of people with disability. We create plant-based, mostly gluten free desserts for your home or businesses.

Our vision is a world in which all people with disability have full access to employment, opportunity for economic empowerment, and to express their creativity in vibrant and inclusive communities.

Co-created by siblings, Brett & Jess, we share our deep lived experience with disability, and over 20 years of professional experience in hospitality, to elevate the stories of people with disability in our community.

Our story

Brett Duncan

Our co-founder Brett, was born profoundly deaf. In 1989, at the age of two, Brett was the 100th patient and youngest person ever to receive the cochlear implant. At age five, he started primary school with only two words in his vocabulary - no and Mum. 

Brett is warm and nurturing, with a generous spirit. He believes in full respect, care and protection of all living beings. Brett's vocabulary is vast, his experiences rich and his goals are limitless.

In 2021, Brett became a qualified pastry chef at Crown and his talents have grown exponentially, with a particular focus on high tea desserts. GingerSnap is a culmination of his creativity, personal story and professional expertise.

Jess Colgan

Our co-founder Jess, is Brett's sister. Alongside their parents, she is Brett's biggest advocate.

Jess acknowledges her deep privilege and continually seeks to use this to empower and amplify the impact of social change leaders. She loves nothing more than a deep belly, laugh til you cry moment, particularly to lighten the load in moments of adversity.

Jess is also the CEO of social enterprise All Things Equal, creating award wage employment in the hospitality sector for people with disability. She takes great joy in building her professional expertise in ways that elevate creativity, community and fun.

GingerSnap is Jess' ikigai, which sits at the intersection of her passions, and professional and personal experience, and is a celebration of the little moments that create joy and human connection.

GingerSnap Patisserie 0430380908 [email protected] West Melbourne, VIC 3003
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