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[email protected] Turramurra, NSW 2074

We are a small bakery in the residential part of Turramurra. Our menu is small, but what we do, we try and do it well. While we have our staples, about half our menu is fluid which keeps it exciting- for both you and us! Each week, the specials depends on what’s in season, what our neighbours bring us from their gardens and quite simply, what our bakers feel like making that week.

A baker’s life isn’t easy what with the 1am starts, the physicality of it and the temperamental nature of sourdough which means that one needs to constantly adapt ones formulas and processes. To do it long-term, you have to love both the craft and the people you do it for. The generosity of the community around us- their enthusiasm for our baked goods and their support when things go pear-shaped means a lot to us. In short, we love being where we are and doing what we do and we hope that this warmth and respect shows in our pastries and bread. 

Flour Shop [email protected] Turramurra, NSW 2074
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