Baladin - Nora Spiced Ale 330ml
Baladin - Nora Spiced Ale 330ml
Nora is made with Kamut® (also known as Khorasan), an ancient un-malted grain which is twice the size of modern-day wheat and is known for its rich, nutty flavour. Kamut is also thought to be more easily digestible than modern wheat. The beer is seasoned with fresh ginger, orange peel and myrrh. The beer's aroma is floral, spicy and citrusy; and it tastes refreshing, with a honeyed citrus notes and tingling ginger heat on the finish. All of Baladin’s beers are non-filtered, refermented in the bottle and non-pasteurized Baladin uses six strains of native yeasts (Lievita Madre) in their production. 6.8% alcohol
Serves 1

Allergens -

Gluten, Wheat.