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Frequently Asked Questions

Is your pasta fresh or frozen?
Though we do have fresh spaghetti and occasionally fresh pasta specials, all our semolina-based pastas and filled pastas are frozen.
Why is your pasta frozen?
Even in our restaurant, all semolina-based pastas are hand-made with fresh ingredients and then blast-chilled to be frozen. Because the pasta we serve to you is raw and delicate, freezing it means we do not have to pre-cook or preserve the pasta before use. It also prevents the moisture in the filling of your tortellini from ruining the pasta case. Our method is tried and tested and results in the freshest possible taste, we promise!
Should I defrost my pasta before cooking?
No! All frozen pastas should be cooked from frozen. You can find all storage and cooking instructions on the label, or give us a call and we can advise you.
Does my pasta come with a sauce?
You’ll find that some items come with a small container of sauce and some do not. This is because some pastas require a specific sauce, and some are more versatile. To find out whether the pasta you have chosen comes with a sauce, please read the description provided when you click into the item on Cookaborough. If the item comes without a sauce, we will provide a recommendation.
Can I freeze my fresh lasagne?
If you have enough self-control not to devour your lasagne in one, you can certainly freeze it to keep it for up to 2 months (you can keep it for longer although the taste may not be as fresh after this time). Once frozen, it should not be defrosted again and can be cooked from frozen. Simply pop your lasagne in the oven and heat for 20 minutes at 70°C before turning your oven up to 180°C and cooking for a further 40 minutes.
Do I have to order online or is your shop open?
Our shop is open every day from 9-5. You are welcome to come and browse our products and you will find that many of the items you see online are also on our shelves, as well as many other pantry items that are not listed online. There are, however, some online specials that we make to order which are not available in the shop. We recommend either ordering online to secure your desired items or calling ahead to check whether we have something in stock.
I missed the menu cut-off time! Is it too late to order?
Give us a call on 0483 800 861 and we will try to accommodate you. This depends on how long after the menu closes we receive your call, our stock levels, and whether you are requesting pick-up or delivery.
I’d like my order delivered outside your usual delivery day (Saturday)
Although we do all our deliveries once a week on a Saturday, we are sometimes able to deliver outside of this time. This is subject to delivery fees or minimum order values and depends on the location of the delivery. You can call us on 0483 800 861 and we will try to accommodate you!
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