Del Bocia Salted Butter 250g
Del Bocia Salted Butter 250g
Del Bocia represents months of dedicated research into sourcing the finest ingredients, leading to the discovery that cream from Gippsland shares remarkable similarities with traditional mountain cream used for malga butter. This cream is rich in flavours and aromas, with a characteristic yellow colour from the carotene ingested by pasture-grazing cows, embodying what makes true malga butter so distinctive. We are committed to preserving artisanal techniques, such as slower churning processes, handling at lower temperatures, and handwashing the butter in ice-cold water to remove buttermilk and hand packaging. These methods distinguish Del Bocia from other butter on the market, offering a unique taste and quality.
Serves 1

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Cream, Salt.

Preparation and storage notes

We recommend removing the desired portion of butter from the fridge around half an hour before serving to soften it slightly and make it beautifully spreadable.