Cooked seafood platter
Cooked seafood platter
There are three sizes to choose from. Local south coast seafood and Australian prawns. We only use Australian wild caught or sustainably farmed seafood. Small - 1kg cooked prawns, 1 doz oysters, 160g salmon gravlax (2-4 serve) Deluxe - 2kg prawns, 2 doz oysters, 30g Siberian caviar, 310g salmon gravlax, 1 whole cooked lobster, house made seafood sauce (contains egg). (6-10 serve) The Lot = 1kg gravlax, 1 whole large cooked NSW lobster, 2kg cooked prawns, 2 doz rock oysters, 25g jar Gin Shiraz salmon Caviar, 1 jar smoked trout dip. (8-12 serve)

Allergens -

Crustacean, Mollusc, Fish.


Sydney Rock Oysters - Local South Coast, Whole NSW lobster, prawns, Salmon Gravlax, Siberian Sturgeon Caviar, Yarra Valley Gin Shiraz Salmon Caviar, Smoked Rainbow Trout Dip (contains dairy, egg & gluten free).

Preparation and storage notes

Use a sharp knife, slice lobster down centre to split in half. Use a butter/oyster knife to pop lid off oyster and slip off bottom shell Serve with lemon, seafood sauce.