Why Chefs and Artisans use Cookaborough

Creative, talented and organised. Start your business risk-free, with confidence.

Simultaneously, households are searching for convenient yet quality meals that break up the monotony of a busy week and solve the dinner dilemma. Your talent and creativity could be put to good use servicing this demand. Whether you are starting out on your own as a chef or a business looking to diversify, your meals will give local customers something to look forward to on a weekly basis, while allowing them to support a local entrepreneur.

Predictable and consistent

Whether you are a chef looking to start your own business, an artisan food maker creating your own special products, or a restaurant or cafe looking to add a weekly @home meals arm to your business, we’ve made it very easy run your very own direct-to- consumer business.

Our platform aggregates pre-orders from your signed- up customers, to allow a seamless weekly production and delivery at one point in time. We call this Clever Batch - small batch, super-powered.

Creative outlet

How to maintain a creative edge when creating ready- made meals? Don’t worry: your food is still the star

of the show. You have full flexibility and freedom to change your menu and offerings as much as you like. A weekly changing menu allows you to tell your story through their food and fully engage your customers, night after night.

No overheads

Not having a dining room or seated area removes many concerns and costs for chefs such as lower labor costs by eliminating the need for servers, overhead bills, and other variables. If you are adding an @home arm to your business, harness the potential of your facilities during slack times of the day.

Your food, delivered

Create efficient delivery routes and zones that are achievable for you or your business. Cookaborough provides several tools that automate zoning and delivery fees so you can concentrate on creating your    amazing dishes!

"Cookaborough is like a magical tool in my pocket. I can be totally in control of when, what and how much I cook and I can switch it on or off when I need to without any fee implication."

Andrea, Al Dente, Melbourne

Reduced food waste

A batch cooking model guarantees that everything you cook will be sold. Since every meal is pre-ordered, weekly food ordering and cooking becomes accurate and precise. You only cook what you need to fulfil orders, minimizing time and money wasted on predictions.

Growing your customer base

Directly connecting to your customers is still a key facet to your business. Keeping them updated and engaged with your weekly menus generates interest in your story as a chef. Message them directly, send weekly menus and automated reminders to order, or customise special offerings for specific segments of your database. It’s all in your hands.

Potential for growth

Some Cookaborough customers have grown such successful businesses dreams have literally come true and they have opened brick-and-mortar establishments. Their customers are excited to come and support them in person, while continuing to order weekly ready-made meals for weeknights. Offering ready-made meals

alongside service or a physical store allows them to entice loyal customers to keep supporting them every week.

Stay organised

A convenient function of our platform is the automated compiling of data, all accessible from the main dashboard. Lessen the painstaking headaches of admin like combining spreadsheets, databases and shopping lists and let Cookaborough do all the crunching for you.

Labelling, sorted

As a chef, your job is to create recipes, menus and then cook them to perfection. So the last thing you want to think about is populating and printing accurate, good looking food labels.

Simply input your recipes into the Cookaborough platform and it takes care of them. Our multiple databases will automatically pull in key information like ingredients, allergens, and nutrition facts. Your business logo will be added to your labels, too. Just print and pack!


We know you want to make sure that if things go wrong, you are covered. Cookaborough provides individual insurance policies that are specially customised to accommodate the needs of food businesses big and small.

Think of Cookaborough as an all-in-one toolset that makes running a meals business a much simpler endeavour. Your customers can know your story, your passion, and have the opportunity to experience the delicious food you create when they are spending the night at home.

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