Seven Roasted Vegetables (without couscous)
Seven Roasted Vegetables (without couscous)
This version of our essential Seven Vegetables is served without Couscous or Rice. If you would like to add either (or both!) please select them in our "Extras" section to accompany this dish.
1 Portion  - Min 10
Egg free
Dairy free
Gluten free

Allergens -

No allergens present


Eggplant, Potatoes, Zucchini, Sweet potato, Cabbage, Tomato, Onion, Onion garnish, Red capsicum, Carrots, Green olives, Currants, Olive oil, Green capsicum, Parsley, Coriander, Brown sugar, Sweet paprika, Raas al hanout, Cumin, Garlic, Fresh chilli, Cinnamon, Coriander leaves, Parsley leaves, Ground coriander, Turmeric, Salt.