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Dani Valent's Cooks and Chefs Series is a new way to enjoy some of Australia's best loved recipes at home.

Food writer, restaurant critic and cookbook author Dani Valent has always enjoyed bringing people together around good food. Her Cooks and Chefs Series, powered by Cookaborough, is a fun new way to gather at your table to eat, learn and enjoy.

The Cooks and Chefs Series is a new way to connect with outstanding cooks and chefs and experience their cookbooks, recipes and expert insights. It's also a new, easy, enriching way to get a special dinner on the table.

Dani Valent X The Fermentary

Following our launch event with the fabulous Julia Busuttil Nishimura, our second dose of amazing is a collaboration with The Fermentary’s Sharon Flynn and Roger Fowler. We are also proud and excited to be working with Cookes Food and some of our favourite Victorian producers.

This menu is SO delicious and fun! It also teaches you about incorporating fermented goodness into your everyday life.

The Fermentary has done a great job of teaching Australia about the wonders and wherefores of fermented foods, both through the products they sell around town and through Sharon’s game-changing Ferment for Good book. But even if you love kimchi and kraut and kefir, even if you make them yourself, you might not always be sure how to get those flavoursome beauties into your meals.

This Cooks and Chefs event does it for you! We’ve constructed three complete multi-element meals for you to choose from: there’s a Dosa Dinner, Duck and Kimchi Hotpot Banquet and Smoked Seafood Chowder in a Cob Loaf Feast. Buy one, two or all three. We also have fermented desserts.

We’re happy for you to think of this event in any or all of the following ways:

  • a yummy meal

  • a lesson in fermento code-cracking, showing you how fermented foods can be part of delicious meals

  • a showcase of great Victorian producers, makers and doers including Great Ocean Ducks, Falco, Sailors Grave Brewing, Pastry by Patersons and Burger Shurger

  • a stage 4 sign-off - SEEYA!!!

  • a collective celebration of marvellous masked Melbourne and our bloody legendary status in getting through this

Ferment for Good

The dishes we’re making spring from the recipes and principles in Sharon’s brilliant book. We’ll be delivering signed copies of Ferment for Good along with your meals. This is a book that you will have on your shelf forever as a handy reference and inspiring action manual.

Our Cooks & Chefs Series Fermentary menu

Dosa Dinner with entree of Paneer Samosas.

Duck and Kimchi Hotpot with entree of Prawn Salad.

Smoked Seafood Chowder in a Cob Loaf with entree of Charred Cos Salad.

Sake Lees Cheesecake.

Kefir Pannacotta.

Falco + Great Ocean Ducks + Sailors Grave Brewing + Cookes

We are so excited to partner with some of our favourite people in Victoria. Falco is making a bespoke cob loaf for the seafood chowder. Great Ocean Ducks is supplying glorious free-range ducks for the hotpot. Sailors Grave has matched beers you won’t find anywhere else with the Dosa Dinner and the Chowder. Pastry by Patersons is making an exclusive spiced pastry for the samosas. Burger Shurger has shared their perfect dal sambhar recipe to go with the Dosa Dinner. Cookes Food is our exquisite and unflappable catering partner. Cookaborough is our technology partner. And YOU are our eating team!

Your questions answered

What is the Cooks and Chefs Series?

The Cooks and Chefs Series is a new way to enjoy beautiful food at home. Food writer Dani Valent collaborates with top cooks and chefs on exclusive menus that are offered on one day only. The food is delivered cold for reheating at home. It's a new way to enjoy beloved cookbooks and a great way to gain insight into how experts think about creating their dishes. You'll eat dishes the way the recipe author intended them!

Who is involved?

Food writer Dani Valent has collaborated with technology partner Cookaborough and an exciting roster of cooks and chefs. Depending on the chef, the food is prepared by trusted partners under the supervision of our cook or chef. Our new event is with The Fermentary, following on from our smash-hit launch event with Julia 'Ostro' Busuttil Nishimura.

How is the food delivered?

Your meals are delivered cold for you to heat up at home. For The Fermentary menu, the Dosa Dinner has one element (the dosa) that you cook yourself from batter we’ve prepared.

When do I need to order?

Orders will close at 8pm on Tuesday September 8. Food will be available for pick up in St Kilda or delivered to your home within a 20KM radius of Melbourne on Saturday September 12.

How does it work?

Sign up for free to be part of Dani Valent's Cooks and Chefs Series, powered by Cookaborough. Order and pay for your food and let us know if you can pick it up from St Kilda or whether you would like it delivered. The food is delivered cold with instructions for reheating.

Who's next?

As a valued diner with the Cooks and Chefs Series, you'll be first to hear about upcoming events with brilliant cooks and chefs. Stay tuned to @danivalent and @thefermentary for content to enrich your experience.

Dani Valent

Dani Valent is all about connecting people to great food experiences.

One of Australia’s most respected food communicators, she is a longtime freelance journalist, restaurant critic, media commentator and award-winning cookbook author. Her business card says: writer, eater, traveller and cook. If it's delicious, she's there, and she'd love to bring you with her!

Sharon Flynn

Sharon is Australia's foremost voice in fermentation. She's the founder of The Fermentary, which she runs with her partner Roger Fowler. Sharon has lived in the US, Belgium, Malaysia and Japan but it wasn’t until she returned home to Melbourne that she turned her fermentation passion and expertise into a business. Through her kimchis, krauts and kombucha, her Ferment for Good book and popular workshops, she’s been a major driver of Australia’s surging passion and understanding for all things fermented.

Previous Events

Julia Busuttil Nishimura

Julia Busuttil Nishimura is a Melbourne-based cook, author and teacher.

Her food celebrates simple ingredients and seasonal produce and is influenced by her Maltese upbringing and time living in Italy.