Running a home cooked meal business is now a piece of cake

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Cookaborough was made for people operating home cooked meal businesses. We know from experience these businesses can be incredibly rewarding but also challenging to run, so we built software that makes it easy to start and grow a successful home cooked meal business.

Made for cooks

Cookaborough’s beautiful software solution takes care of the time-consuming tasks unique to home cooked meal businesses.
It is full of features designed to help serve your customers and save you time.

How it works

Cookaborough puts you in complete control

Meet some amazing cooks

A home cooked meal business is more than an income, it’s about connecting with your community, sharing your passion for food and giving people access to wholesome, affordable meals, made with love. Meet some of the cooks….

Taking food safety seriously

Food safety is paramount in any food business, with the correct food handling, preparation, transportation and storage of food essential to a home cooked food business.



Cooks on Cookaborough are 100% verified to be meeting food laws in their jurisidiction.


Food handling & kitchen set-up

Understanding food safety requirements can be confusing, we show you what you need to know.



Resources to help home cooks meet best practice in food safety compliance.

Find a home cook near you

If you’re looking for a home cook let us know and we’ll help you find one to suit your needs.

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We’ve been bringing your cooking home for a few months and I wanted to let you know I think you’re terrific. Great food, healthy, tasty and so home made. You make our nights so much easier.

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These meals are a life saver and deeelish! By the time I get home I’m too tired to cook and settle for options that aren’t the healthiest! Now I feel like it is money well spent and I’m finally putting good food into my body.

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Pricing designed to fit any business

Cookaborough take a small commission on each order made through the platform. In return we provide access to the full suite of features and functions on the platform, plus you’re covered by our comprehensive third party insurance policy.


“Cookaborough has made life so much easier. We’re able to spend more time cooking and less time on admin”

“Cookaborough has allowed me to create an entirely new source of income for my business”



We love talking about Home Cooked Meal businesses, so if you can’t find the answer to your question please get in contact.

Helping home cooks share the love

Cookaborough wants to put more home cooked meals on the table in every neighbourhood, in every city in the world, by making it easy for passionate homecooks to build and run their businesses, feed their community and do more of what they love to do… cook!

Try Cookaborough for free with full access to all the features and benefits designed to help you run and grow your home-cooked meal business.