179,685 meals served

Amber Anderson, who is a cook on the cookaborough platform
A cook in a kitchen

Transforming food businesses through the power of batch

It’s an efficient, profitable, low risk business model that puts you in control.

A one-of-a-kind, intelligent solution.

Cookaborough is an easy to use platform designed to power your ready-made meal business.

Cookaborough through the eyes of a home based meals business

Webpage interface

Build your branded webpage, featuring your story and menus

Recipe storage

Store your recipes with ingredients, quantities and pricing information

Menu builder

Build, schedule and publish menus direct to your business page

Order reminder

Increase sales via automatic customer order reminders

Automated shopping lists

Generate shopping lists based on orders by menu and supplier

Product ingredient labels

Create labels with ingredients and allergens identified

Fulfillment delivery reports

Detailed reports make order fulfillment quick and easy

Promotions & marketing

Increase sales with promotions, referral incentives and offers

Payment gateway

Receive instant payments via Stripe Connect

Email integration

Communicate with customers via integrated messaging tool

Stock level controls

Set stock limits to manage order capacity

Ingredient database

Access to a 3,000+ ingredient database

Financial reports

Easy to read and detailed financial reports

Data analytics

Integrated data visualisation covering key metrics

Customer management

Full visibility of customer order history

Menu dashboard

Real time order tracking and menu performance

Cookaborough is built for batch, and batch is better for business

Operating a ready-made meal business under a batch model is an efficient, effective and profitable way to do business.

It’s simple. Receive and aggregate all your customer orders by a designated point in time, then produce and fulfil those orders at another point in time.

continuous cycle

Save on food costs and eliminate waste

Only make what you’ve sold.

Improved kitchen utilisation

Allocate food preparation to the quiet times.

Staff management and productivity

Have the staff you need, when you need them.

Delivery made easy without the fees

One delivery route and multiple deliveries.

Make it easy for your customers

Providing convenient meal solutions

Be in control and grow your business

A highly efficient model that puts you control.

Making it easy for NDIS and Home Care Package (HCP) participants

Cookaborough gives cooks the ability to offer meals to participants on the NDIS and HCP

Part Payment

30/70 payment split for participants

Plan Integration

Automated invoicing with Plan Managers

Compliant Invoicing

Itemised and segmented invoices

Easy Activation

Simple and seamless set-up

Cookaborough is the only platform that automates the requirements of the NDIS & HCP Programs to enable food businesses to participate in these programs

Designed for food businesses looking for another way to grow

Cookaborough is the perfect solution whether you already have a ready-made meal business or are looking to start one.


Blakeaway is here to stay

In the period of one-week, Blakes Feast, a premium catering company, set up a ready-made meal business on Cookaborough, calling it Blakeaway. What was intended to be a short-term solution to the COVID-19 situation become an entirely new and significant revenue stream for the long term.

“The platform was easy to use and presented a complete solution for us. It has helped us build a new offering that is going to thrive”.

Download Case Study (PDF 1.5MB)

A food store connecting with a local community

Ebden & Olive, a popular food store, successfully extended its offering to include a weekly, ready-made meal service via Cookaborough, establishing a new product without extending their hours of operation. Loyal customers are now in a weekly habit of ordering from the curated menu, creating a consistent and easy to manage income stream for the business.

“To discover a new way to do business, that is complementary to our existing business has been a game changer”

Download Case Study (PDF 2.0MB)
Ebden & Olive

From a wholesaler to a whole new way

Flourish Sourdough Bakery, transitioned from operating a traditional wholesale business, to utilising Cookaborough to build a direct-to-consumer business. Flourish has enjoyed great success creating an entirely new way of doing business that sits alongside the existing wholesale model.

“We never imagined we could build up such a strong direct-to-customer following. It will now be a key part of our ongoing business”

Download Case Study (PDF 1.2MB)

The chef who built a business in a week

Andrea Vignali started Al Dente, a hand-made pasta business, in less than a week. From no customers and no orders, he has now built a rapidly growing business. With Cookaborough’s features and functions, Andrea was able to focus on what he loves most, making beautiful pasta.

“It’s like a magical tool in my pocket. I can be totally in control – of when, what and how much I cook”

Download Case Study (PDF 711KB)
Al Dente

A home cooked meal business that saved a day a week

Amber adopted Cookaborough to operate her home-cooked meal business and saved a day a week in managing and administering her business. As a small business owner, it was a constant struggle to stay on top of the customer orders, menus, recipes, payments and labels, all of which was time consuming and frustrating.

“Having a platform that is specifically built for my type of business has made my life much easier”

Download Case Study (PDF 1.1MB)

A fee structure that allows everyone to win

In return for access to the full suite of high value features and benefits of the platform, we charge a 7.5% commission on each transaction, this includes the transaction costs.

Running a ready-made meal business has never been easier

Cookaborough was built to help passionate people run their ready-made meal businesses, we’re here to help you and to answer your questions, so please get in contact.

How quickly can I start using Cookaborough?

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We’ve been bringing your cooking home for a few months and I wanted to let you know I think you’re terrific. Great food, healthy, tasty, and so home made. You make our nights so much easier.